Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Track 1: Icaria II

I once had a house
but it was flooded
all kinds of wet

I had to find my friends
so I checked the depth
and held my breath

And I swam in circles

I then found my loved ones
their cardboard covers
were soaked in mud

I tried to clean them up
restore the order
and get things right

But I'll just walk in circles
I'll just run into squares

He smells like a book
his skin is paper
his teeth are words

And when I turn the page
I see an ending,
a happy ending

Where I'm not walking in circles
where I'm not stuck in squares

Icaria II is Icaria I seen through a mirror. And vice versa. While Icaria I is about running away, looking for goodie bags overseas, Icaria II rather stays at home, searching for interesting things left in the wardrobe. Imagine there would be a giant tsunami and a flood in your house. Not a tsunami killing people, but a tsunami messing with the order of things. While some belongings would inevitably sink the the bottom, others could rise to the surface. Old smells, old faces and brand new perspectives.

Written, arranged and recorded by Siri af Burén
Vocals, guitars, percussion: Siri
Cat voice: Krister
Instrument of the month: Wooden frog

Next Wednesday:
Track 2 - Elevator Theme