Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Track 4: Nocere

I am bent and bald and blind
Please, just take me to the shrine
Before you'll cover me in turd
Listen to my last wise words

I was born as one of five
My bread was buttered on both sides
I made the world into my own
Then fell off my golden throne

They wanted me to become a queen
But I had seen that life on TV
Fancy men and fancy dresses
I said no, couldn't stand the pressure

Then they threw me into irons
Locked the door, turned out the lights
Said 'This is how you'll live your life,
Unless you change your mind'

I let my hair out of the window
Sat down, waited for the prince to show
(When I'd waited a whole year
I finally got out of there)

I ran a thousand miles an hour
Then got caught in another tower
I had done it all in vain
But I would do it again

Like Princess Rapunzel I once was caught in a tower. I did try to let my hair out of the window, but it didn't really reach down to the ground, plus there was no prince waiting for it to happen, so it didn't matter. Anyway, I decided to take things into my own hands and gave the guards some herbs which made them fall asleep for a hundred years until the frog prince could kiss them awake, or if it was the opposite, don't really remember. I got out and started running in a pair of cat boots that I found outside. It really went quick, I remember each step being a couple of hundred yards. The scenery was magnificient, but I was a bit stirred by the fact that I could be caught again, so I didn't raise my head enough, which was quite stupid, since I suddenly bumped in to a new tower and was stuck in it. However, I'd had a great time running and the new tower was filled with all sorts of great instruments. I probably stay there for the rest of my life. But I don't regret it, I don't.

Next Wednesday:
Track 5 - Let Your Birds Out