Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Track 9: The Vault

Translucent sun
Our drilling long stares
We slowly evolve
what we would name flares

Her hips, her bones
The noise keeps her sane
Obliterates 'til nothing remains

I told you so
a year ago

Prismatic lense
it sprinkles you in tens
We share a year
Then nothing makes sense

I told you so
a year ago

This song was recorded the day before a huge exam, explaining the slightly desperate voice in it. The lyrics, however, consist of a mish-mash of thoughts, pieces of African poems and dictionary knowledge.

On stage The Vault becomes a fast running horse, a hungry eagle and a waterfall spreading in every room and corners. Then as a sudden change of weather, it disappears, leaving nothing behind but a question mark.

Next week:
Track 10 - A Spoon That You Can Bend