Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Track 3: Lost & Foundland

She drew a picture of their faces in the sand
Then let the sea go back on parts of its land
He wrote a poem that he hid inside his hand
It disappeared as did the drawings in the sand

There will always be pictures
There will be lost words
And there will be music
No one has ever heard

It would be easy to step forward and say 'Hi'
But despite my cravings, I'm still too shy
I don't tell stories, and I don't tell lies
If I ever felt a thing, I've already let it die

There will always be emotions
That will force you like thirst
You could hide from them forever
But sometime, you will burst

The worst thing i know is being bitter. People being bitter have chronic wrinkles around their lips caused by sucking on lemons for a long time. There are, however, times when bitterness is unavoidable. Being ditched for instance, causes wrinkles and cynicism. Heaps of cynicism. When that happens, since it does happen once in a while, there are certain things you could do to make the symptoms affect you less. Like writing a song.

Basically, this song contains two messages: 'Easy come, easy go' and 'Shit happens'. Since those are quite trivial messages, I added more words to somehow make it more artistic. Or to cover the fact that I'm a mundane being.

That's one interpretation. However, I don't want to overdo it. Let's just say I had the urge to make something purple with blue waves in it. This song is purple. Covered with blue waves.

Next Wednesday:
Track 4 - Nocere