Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Track 6: When Others Go South

Where we'll go
There won't be nothing but snow (not correct English, I know, but you know, l'art pour l'art)

If you could build the igloo
Maybe I could climb the icebergs
And then bring our walrus neighbours
Back for tea

We won't stay here forever
But as long as we're together
And the snow and ice is all that we could see

Where we'll go
There won't be nothing but snow

This is the first song I made for the album. It's somehow stained by the music I used to do in band in box version 1.0 (together with Elin); innocent lyrics and tender melodies. I had just bought the (probably stolen) clarinet (the first of my monthly instruments) and these were the first tunes I could record without the neighbours screaming and the houseplants melting down in agony. I hadn't yet begun working with the vocals the way I did with the rest of the album tracks, I kept it plain. Although this is the song that initially attracted attention to the new band in box (version 2.0), it's not my favourite tune. On the other hand, it belongs in the collection, acting as an interlude or a short Antarctic break.

Next week:
Track 7 - Leaving Smears