Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Track 7: Leaving Smears

There comes a time when you've been capable and competent
for it to last at least a hundred thousand years

You still pretend that this how you like it -
you ain't got no time for longing,
cheesy feelings, hopes and fears

It happens that you wake up as a
beetle stuck upon a pin
with listlessness all over,
leaving smears

Is it all that matters?

Together though thick and thin
the trees screen the garden for the wind
And I don't remember the smell of yours
or anybody else's skin

This heart is a precious souvenir
and I'll be leaving it here
And then I'll wait,
and then I'll wait
I'm in my prime, don't you see?

But is it all that matters?

This song just turns in to a slobby mess if I try to explain its meaning. I hope the lyric says it all. The middle part is my favourite, being itchy and slightly dissonant. It took hours to learn how to play those few tunes on the violin. And this is what came out, haha.

Next week:
Track 8 - I Was A Bubble Boy

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madferit-n said...

If the songs on the forthcoming album are going to be as good as this one ( the songs which i had before and listened here are equally good) this is gonna be the masterpiece of the universal music!