Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Track 12: Slow Release


I let the dog out from the window
And I saw it hit the ground
There was no body to take care of
There's nothing to see here, I told the crowd

I caught a rumour the other day
It slipped through my fingers, then got away
It contained no glory and no fairy tales
But it eased my conscience, at least you are safe

This is the final song. At this point I've gone through a metamorphosis. No more silly girl with thousands of instruments. Just a blond fairy and her piano. No, just kidding. Still dark. Still new instruments to explore, but this time, I suspect it will be a slightly more electronic experiment. Don't know yet.

This song is the end of the first box session. It is a blanket made of piano wires. The wire melodies walk towards a hill. Beyond that hill, there is another hill to climb. And beyond that, yet another one.

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