Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Track 11: Paper View

Alleviation, there is no morning meeting
Since the boss got stuck behind his belly
Then the printer blew

Determination, there is only one way out
We have to leave the office
Crawling underneath the paper view

We'll meet again
(I never thought we'd meet again)

You know the story has to have an end

This is a giggle song. A perfect nonsense, someone said. And I agree. You know, you go to work, or school or whatever you do during day time. You sit through endless meetings, discussions, coffee breaks while your mind wanders out of the building. It stops at the shore, at the giant field where the dogs play. One big brown dog is being followed by a very small white one, chased by an even smaller dog and so on. An endless chain of chasing dogs. Nothing is as happy as a happy dog.

Your mind carries on to the sand and the water and its pockets bulge with sea shells and funny shaped pieces of stones. Some stones are shaped by the sea to fit in your hand. You've got lots of them at home. Your mind puts them back into the sea. The stones are as happy as the dogs. The dogs are as happy as your mind. Your mind is as happy as the trumpet in the middle of the song, which leaps out of the office and never returns.

Next week:
Track 12 - Slow Release

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